Newborn photography in St. Albans – 2022 & 2023 babies

,How many days or weeks old do you think is best for newborn photography?

For sleepy, relaxed, teeny tiny, and a little bit curled up, just out of the womb, never to be repeated days, style of photography of your newborn baby, then I recommend that your baby is less than two or three weeks old.

However, anytime in the first three months is still perfect for capturing your baby when they still have those very little, very cuddly, baby features.

,Should I go for indoors or outdoors?

,In favour of indoors and what to expect…

For the very early days newborn photography then I think it’s best that I join you in your home. It takes the pressure off parents to try and get ready and get out and about in those early hibernating, “trying to figure this whole thing out” stage.

It also means that we can. keep baby very warm, snuggly and relaxed in their own home. If baby is nice and warm I can “unwrap” the blanket layers off of your baby and photograph lots of little details like hands, arms, legs and toes.

I can also naturally position your tiny baby in some of the very cute baby “poses” that you see. Although my style is very natural and baby-led, if baby isn’t happy in any “pose” we will abandon immediately!

It helps you to relax as well as we can stop and feed where you’re very comfortable (bottles and breast, it’s a lot of learning in those early days!).

I bring a few things with me – gorgeous blankets with texture and a newborn wrap fabric, maybe some seasonal flowers too. I recommend you dress baby as simply as possible, a little plain vest is perfect, baby is the star, not their outfit and it allows me to capture all their little details.

All I need is a space beside natural light, you don’t need to tidy up, I’ll take care of everything and move a few things if needed We will chat on what’s app before and I’ll ask you to send me some photos of your home so that I’m prepared.

Not feeling your best, mamma? Don’t worry, I understand! I think it took me 18 months to feel “normal” again (and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes!) after baby no.1. After baby no.2 I still haven’t attempted to squeeze into my old jeans. None of it matters. I can keep the shots close, cosy and intimate to capture all that emotion and love without you feeling too exposed, if that’s what you would prefer!

I also have some flown, flattering and romantic dresses in my client wardrobe for you to borrow if you would like. Most of my client wardrobe is from the gorgeous Free People.

,In favour of outdoors and what to expect…

Golden hour adventures with your new little bundle and family is such an unforgettable experience.

Outdoors is perfect if you would like to capture the time of year that your baby was born and all of the nature around you. Outdoor newborn photography is very special and has such a wow factor. The shoots tend to be a shorter and faster paced than at-home photography. I work with the natural light, nature and the setting sun.

I take care of the planning – a gorgeous location, the best timing for lovely light. I bring blankets and a sleepyhead for naturally posing and positioning your baby. Often nestled in the wild flowers.

For newborn photography outdoors it helps if it’s over 19 or 20 degrees so that I can gently unwrap baby and photograph little feet and hands. This is late spring, summer and early autumn however I’m very happy to photograph babies outdoors all year round and even in the middle of winter, we just need to keep them wrapped up and super snuggly (of course!).

Outdoor photography works particularly well for families with more than one child as we can relax, run around and play and help to keep baby’s older sibling entertained.

,Why are you not the photographer for us?

If you’re looking for more staged and manipulated newborn baby poses then I’m probably not the photographer for you! As soon as baby indicates they’re not happy then I always recommend we stop, feed, cuddle and change position.

,Can I see some examples to help me decide…?

Yes, of course! In 2022 and so far in 2023 I’ve been treated to so many ridiculously gorgeous newborn shoots. Parents have welcomed me to their homes and I’ve taken families on a golden hour sunset adventures in St. Albans.

Here are some of the images and before you book I will send you full galleries so that you can see how your gallery will look…

Sarah x

St. Albans Photographer | St. Albans Family Photographer


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