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Autumn family photoshoots in St. Albans

By my calculations we had about seven magical weeks of vibrant and gorgeous autumn colours in St. Albans and oh wow, it was very special! Thank you so much to all the families that asked me to capture their memories this autumn at my favourite location in St. Albans.

The vibrant red leaves started to appear around the first week of October and lasted for five weeks before making way for gold and brown leaves that appeared at the start of November and lasted for another three weeks until the bark of the silver birch tree started to appear as the leaves fell around the third week of November.

There has been some cosy knitwear, lots of laughs, running children, bubbles and cuddles. Autumn has also brought all the gorgeous vibrant red, gold and brown colours.

My photography style is relaxed, natural, beautiful and FUN outdoor family portraits. Not too long (30 minutes maximum for little children!) and not too cheesy. With a little bit of an adventure in a beautiful location too…

All of my families and couples say they LOVE this super special location. It is a long grass field just outside of Sandridge. Most were visiting for the first time. This is one of my favourite places to shoot… long golden grass, colours and trees that change with the seasons, elevated views, super quiet… it’s PERFECT for baby and family photos. For bigger groups of extended families I suggest Highfield Park orchard as there space to park right beside the orchard. Parking at the long grass field is limited to two cars maximum as it’s a little bit more off the beaten track. It’s very special!

As an outdoor family photographer I spend a lot of time looking for amazing locations that are a short drive from the centre of St Albans - sometimes I find somewhere BEAUTIFUL but it isn’t accessible for families and little or no parking… locations for photography have to tick a lot of boxes - beautiful, great light, shade, quiet, easy to reach, hardly any walking to where we start shooting (hiking up a hill with little kids is not usually ideal!) something a little bit special and I think I’ve definitely found something wonderful with this place…

Contact me to capture your outdoor, relaxed family photos! Winter, I'm very excited for you - bare silver birch trees, red berries, cosy hats and coats, early sunset and sparkling frost - it is. beautiful time to capture family memories.

Sarah x

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