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London landmark post wedding photoshoot

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

My Valentine's Day this year was pretty special! I spent the day photographing two newlyweds as we whizzed across London in an Uber to iconic landmarks. Haruna and her husband married in their home country of Japan in January and travelled to London for their honeymoon in February. Haruna found me on Instagram and asked me if I'd photograph their post wedding shoot at London landmarks and I was SO EXCITED!

Photographing in central London is one of my number one passions. The city of London plus a couple in their wedding outfits - my idea of heaven! I'm a bit of a history and art geek and just love seeking beautiful and historical spots for photos. I also love to take my couples on a little bit of a guided tour and share my insider knowledge on the best spots for photos at tourist locations, how to avoid overzealous security guards and realistic journey time across the city.

I asked Haruna what locations she had in mind and she said that they would like approx three hours of photography at locations such as Westminster Abbey, St. Pauls Cathedral and Tower Bridge. I then made an itinerary adding in a few extra spots such as Millennium Bridge, The Shard and St. Dunstan-In-The-East church garden and included travel time.

London is a big city and you need to factor in time to travel and a bit of extra time to wait for breaks in the crowds for incredible photos.

Engagement, couple and wedding photography in London is one of my passions and I'd love to hear from you if you're looking for a London engagement photographer. I'd also love to chat to you about a vacation photoshoot or post wedding photoshoot! Sarah xx

Here are some of my favourite shots...

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