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Shoreditch street art couple photoshoot

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

I was in photography heaven when I joined long-term couple Lavinia and Rob on a sunny spring morning for a couple photoshoot in Shoreditch, London. Lavinia and I "met" on Instagram and we chatted about capturing some beautiful and super cool shots of her and boyfriend in Shoreditch celebrating the street art.

It was the best celebration of the diversity and melting pot nature of London. I'm Scottish, Lavina is Malaysian and Rob is South African and we all live in and love this brilliant and crazy city. By complete coincidence, Lavinia and Rob live in the same building that my husband and I lived in when we first moved to London! A small flat but in the best location - right in the middle of London Bridge with a tiny little squint-and-you-just-make-it-out view of Tower Bridge. The perfect location for exploring and partying in London and just a 15 minute bus ride from Shoreditch for our photoshoot.

I'm a big fan of the artists who spray paint their incredible work on the streets of Shoreditch and wanted to celebrate the "graffiti". I also know a little bit about the fascinating history of the area so shared a few snippets with Lavinia and Rob as we made our way around the streets.

This was the photoshoot of dreams and Lavinia and Rob were relaxed, fun and really in love and I think it shows in the photos! Engagement, couple and wedding photography in London is one of my passions and I'd love to hear from you if you're looking for a London engagement photoshoot.

Some of my favourite moments below...

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