Sarah’s Doorstep Portraits in St Albans for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice – week one

Over the previous two months of lockdown I’ve loved watching the ways that many photographers have been capturing this moment in history. For the first few weeks I documented lockdown and isolation with my two year old son and husband at home. We baked cakes, found treasure in the garden, painted countless “masterpieces” and I’ve gone slightly mad trying to clean up glue and play doh. I’ve had moments of feeling overwhelmed but there’s been a lot of happiness too.

I’ve been watching as lots of photographers have started Doorstep Portrait projects in their local area. I loved the idea of using this strange time to do something positive, uplifting and joyful for neighbours and local families while raising funds for charities that are really struggling at this time. I asked neighbours if they would be interested in having their doorstep portraits taken and I couldn’t believe how incredible the response was!

I launched my Doorstep Portraits project offering completely free of charge five minute photoshoots of families in Fleetville in St Albans, outside their front door ensuring there is distance between us. In exchange for the mini shoot I’ve asked for donations to a wonderful local charity via my Just Giving page – the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in North London.

Over the past week I’ve photographed families of all ages – some with with home-made flags, some cuddling rainbows and there’s been appearances from cats and dogs. Most families have said to me that my short visit to take their photo has been the most exciting thing that’s happened to them in two months! After just one week we’ve raised £250 for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice and I’m so grateful to the generosity of the families that I’ve photographed.

Mum’s Guide To St Albans supported my fundraising project with posts on social media and I received such an incredible response from so many families requesting their Doorstep Portrait. Thank you, Mum’s Guide!! I’ve LOVED meeting everyone this week and can’t wait to start week two of my St Albans Doorstep Portrait project tomorrow.

For more details and to enquire about your St Alban Doorstep Portrait send me an email:

Sarah xx


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