Beautiful, natural and fun family photoshoots in St. Albans…


Joy filled and happy photography for your walls for decades to come…

Use this paragraph to give an overview of the services you offer, eg. wedding photography and family photography. Describe your services as a whole, and then elaborate on each individual service in the sections below.

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Let’s get cosy at home… your happy, snuggly place… the centre of your family history…

Natural, authentic, fun and happy family photography taken in your own home.


Golden hour photoshoots in St. Albans and the beautiful countryside…

From newborn babies to teens, parents and grandparents, I’ve photographed ALL ages for a little walk (sometimes run!) around a very special and quiet wild flower and long grass field in St Albans.

An evening of love bombing your children, playing and running. Bring your children as they are, no need to “behave”, I promise we will have fun and create something beautiful!


and you’re very welcome to bring the whole family…

Beautiful and fun photoshoots for big family groups. Led by the children – no trying to get them cooperate with a tight wedding or christening schedule. We rarely take the the time for big group family photos outside of weddings but they’re so important and truly tell the story of your family history..

and are usually the most treasured gift you could ever gift a grandparent…

Family reunions or perhaps a special birthday… At home, gardens or out in St Albans parks. I have favourite locations that work perfectly for group photos.

Family photos create a sense of belonging, history and wellbeing.

They bring joy for decades to come. Family portraits are so important.


​Why choose me as your family photographer…?


Shy babies, high energy toddlers, busy school children, uncomfortable and too-cool teenagers, reluctant dads, unsure-what-to-expect-and-hoping-for-the-best mums, doting grandparents…


I’ve photographed THEM ALL here in St. Albans (literally hundreds of St. Albans families!) and we ALWAYS create beautiful memories. My own sons are high energy and can be absolute whirlwinds and have really helped me to hone my lightening-fast children friendly camera skills!

WHat does it cost?

I like to keep things very simple, all of my family photoshoots are a single price including sunset, at home, and large group sessions.



What is included:

The full set of beautifully edited digital images presented in an easy-to-use gorgeous online gallery

Welcome and style guide

Access to my client wardrobe (if you would like to borrow a dress you’re very welcome!)

Between 1 – 2 hours photoshoot

I bring blankets, wraps, photoshoot friendly toys & props & sometimes my studio light for indoors

Print rights and advice given following your photoshoot



Sarah took the most beautiful and stunning photos of our family to capture our daughters baptism. She was an absolute joy and knew the perfect spots to take our photographs. We couldn’t believe how quickly Sarah sent across the photographs and we instantly fell in love with them. Thank you so much Sarah!

What should we wear?

Dress your child so that they’re comfortable… children have a clever trick of never hiding how they feel and if they’re cold/hate their shoes/hair band they will let us know!

Neutral and without too many patterns photograph very well. Floaty dresses in block colours look beautiful. Denim can photograph very well too. Try to coordinate your family as best you can by avoiding clashing colours. There’s lots of outfit inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram if you would like more ideas but to be completely honest, I’ve found that wearing something that you love and makes you feel comfortable is best! I rarely take my own advice as my favourite thing to wear when we capture our own family photos is usually a floral dress! For me it’s about finding an outfit that makes you feel happy! I do advise though that you avoid any brand names though if you can!


What if my child isn’t “playing ball”/emotional/shy/doesn't “behave”/doesn’t sit still for more than three seconds?!

DON’T WORRY!! This is all part of the beauty of family photography! This is why I’m lightening fast with my camera on family shoots and why I keep sessions a bit shorter than other photographers so that it’s not too much for your little ones! I have my own super high energy little boys, I’m always around little children, I’ve seen, lived and photographed it all, my personal home life motto is “the more bonkers the better”! If your child is shy, angelic or calm on the shoot, that’s amazing, if they’re not, that’s amazing too, don’t worry, I come expecting a bit of madness, bribery or distraction and I happily embrace it! I have photographed all ages and all personalities.

I joke that I was blessed with three whirlwind children – Theo, Caspar & Ariana – to really help me hone my people photography skills! Being a family photographer means that I’m often part children’s entertainer, part photographer! Photoshoots with little children are typically pretty high energy and a lot of fun! I embrace the madness and capture your children just as they are – maybe they’re shy or maybe they’re a little bit bonkers (like my children!) – all are welcome and I will capture beautiful portraits of your children being their true self! I will also photograph the all important beautiful family portrait – the one for your wall and to treasure for years (decades!!) to come.

When should I schedule my outdoor family photoshoot for?

Bare trees and winter hats, the first hint of magnolia buds, summer sunsets, autumnal reds and burnt oranges – there is so much beauty to be captured all year round. I have a couple of gorgeous outdoor locations that I like to photograph in and around St Albans that are beautiful throughout the seasons.


Will you photograph my extended family...? Grandparents/aunties/uncles/the whole gang?

Yes! Absolutely! I’ve been honoured to photograph lots of large family groups – some of these have been gifts for a “big” birthday and a grandparent who has been desperate for a big group family photo for their wall. The flow of these sessions is a bit different to smaller groups as I focus more on group shots so that I can deliver quite a few different options of you all together.

What if it rains?

With couples and weddings – the show must go on, the atmosphere and photos will be beautiful, no matter what the Great British weather throws our way! Don’t worry!

With newborn and family photoshoots I suggest that we reschedule to the next available date if it is raining. Although I do recommend that we wait until as last minute as possible as very often there can be a beautiful sunset after a day of rain! We don’t need sunshine and warmth, the most beautiful portrait light is often very overcast and cloudy but I do feel we need it to be dry so that your children don’t look and feel cold and wet! Although if you know your children will love a bit of drizzle then we can embrace it!

Where should we go for our London photoshoot?

As a wedding and engagement photographer in London I know the most beautiful spots and routes for stunning London photoshoots! I love photographing in central London. I know the best locations for iconic London landmarks photoshoots such as couple shoots at Tower Bridge or St. Dunstan in the East. Speak to me and I’ll share my ideas for as epic Central London couple photoshoot!

When will I receive my photos?

I edit as speedily as I possibly can! Family galleries are often complete with a couple of days. I will send wedding gallery sneak peaks within 24 hours of your wedding and the full gallery within four weeks maximum (but usually much quicker than this!).

What is your availability?

I’m available at some weekends and some midweek early mornings and evenings. Family photography clients tend to book in their date four or more weeks in advance however I live close to the locations that I like to shoot and sometimes have last minute availability so drop me an email to chat! Wedding clients, please get in touch as far in advance as possible! Key Saturday dates book up far in advance!


Where do you live?

I live in Fleetville in St. Albans. Before moving to St. Albans I lived and worked in central London as a PR manager in the beauty industry for brands such as Jo Loves for ten years.



Can I see other galleries to get an idea of what to expect for my own shoot?

Yes absolutely! Send me an email and I’ll share previous galleries with you!


Contacting me is easy…

Send me an email:

Send me a text: 07958 740678

Or fill in the contact box below.