St. Albans Family Photographer – 2022 golden hour photoshoots

Wow, 2022 was the year that truly delivered incredible warmth, dry days and beautiful sunsets.

I was treated to many family photoshoots in the rising and setting sun. It was a spring, summer and autumn that I will never forget.

When is golden hour?

Golden hour is around two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset.

In the middle of June in St. Albans sunrise is 4.45am which would mean I suggest we meet around 7am especially if it’s hot (eek!) and sunset is 9.20pm so I would recommend meeting at 7pm! In May, July, August, September and October the sunrise and sunset times become a little bit more manageable! Although if you’re up for an early morning or evening adventure then so am I. I photographed a very young family last summer on summer solstice at sunset and it was spectacular.

Are your golden hour photoshoots only in the summer?

No! Golden hour is beautiful ALL YEAR round – spring, summer, autumn and even the middle of winter. I’ve photographed many local families outside on cold and foggy mornings and it’s so beautiful. We are very blessed in the UK to have such distinctive and beautiful seasons, that helpfully photograph so well!

Why golden hour? It clashes with naps/bedtimes!

I understand, I have two young children and would prefer my outdoor photoshoots to take place at 10am to work much better with their energy and moods! However, golden hour is just so worth it.

The light is so flattering as the sun is lower in the sky, it creates a golden and warm glow, even on completely overcast days golden hour is the one. Nature and colours appear softer and more beautiful, midday sun turns grass neon green and flowers become very saturated whereas at sunset the greens and pinks and yellows in nature become soft and warm. The midday sun does the same thing to the colours of your skin and clothing, soft and flattering light is the ONE.

That feeling of watching a sunrise or sunset, it’s magical.

As the sun is lower I can create directional light and back-light, front-light and side-light you, it makes for beautiful and spectacular portraits.

If you can all get organised and out early morning or keep your little ones up a little bit later with snacks and bribery I strongly recommend it. Don’t worry if your child isn’t jumping for joy the full time. I come expecting children to be children and I ALWAYS create beautiful shots, we just need a few moments of joy for me to create a gorgeous gallery.

Why are you not the photographer for us?

If you are looking for lots of still, a little bit awkward and cheesy poses then I’m probably not the person for you! My photography style is full of movement with a mix of shots where I’ll ask you to look and smile for more traditional portraits but also lots of natural shots of tickles, cuddles, walking, running and playing.

Where do you suggest in St. Albans for family photography?

I photograph families at a very special long golden grass and wild flower field that is a part of Heartwood Forest but with very little walking. Hiking up a hill and pushing buggies for miles is probably not the best start to your photoshoot so I recommend that we make it as easy as possible for you all!

Sarah x

St. Albans Photographer | St. Albans Family Photographer

Please, show us some of these golden hour shoots… well, since you asked…


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